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Photo Liver Pepper Miniature Schnauzer
Parti Schnauzer
Black and White Parti Schnauzer
Liver Pepper Parti Schnauzer
Liver and Tan Mini Schnauzer
Parti Schnauzers
Black Parti Schnauzer
Pepper & salt Parti Schnauzer
Pepper & salt Parti Toy Schnauzer
Liver Schnauzer
Salt & Pepper Schnauzer
Salt & Pepper Schnauzer

Parti Colour Schnauzers

We are UK Miniature & Toy Schnauzer breeders who specialize in the Parti Colours, including Liver Pepper, Solid Liver, Liver Parti, Black Parti, Pepper & Salt Parti, Liver & Tan, we also breed the traditional Schnauzer colours of Pepper & Salt, Black and black & Silver.

We are passionate about re-introducing the lost colours into the UK and our aim is to restore them to their rightful place within the Schnauzer family.

Why fit in when you were born to stand out"Dr Suess"